Projects - 1959 Giulietta Sprint body restoration

December 1994: A Giulietta Sprint of the 750B second type from 1959 crosses my path and I can't resist the temptation to acquire this big project. In my opinion the Giulietta Sprint is one of the most beautiful and timeless designs of Alfa Romeo and if feels slightly unrealistic to own such a piece of automotive art & history. The car is located and for sale at Usato, which is a well known Alfa Romeo specialist, in Ridderkerk the Netherlands. There's a whole lot of work to be done on this car to get it back in mint condition, but I have never been afraid of a real challenge. The Giulietta Sprint is one of the most beautiful cars from Alfa Romeo in my opinion so adding it to my personal fleet is an opportunity I have to take. This will be a long term project without a planned deadline. I will see along the way how much time it will take. This car was initially registered in Portugal and was imported to the Netherlands in 1992. The 750B second series is a transition type between the initial series 750B Giulietta Sprint and the tipo 101 Giulietta Sprint which was built from 1959 till the end of production in 1964. This particular car is therefore an interesting vehicle which was built only for a short period of time in relatively small numbers.
In order to arrange the finances for obtaining this project I have to sell my first serious restoration project, a Giulia Nuova Super. I bought this project car from a gentleman who asked me to show the car once it was ready. This man was so enthusiastic that he wants his old car back. Although it's tough from a feeling point of view to sell my first restoration project it's for a good cause so I decide to do it. The fact that the previous owner wants his car back is basically a good sign. The last time I checked in 2014 this Giulia is still with its former owner which means 10 years after the sell.
Since this project will be a long one I have divided the activities into several stages to avoid the quantity and therewith the size of the pictures taking a too long time to load. At the bottom of each stage there will be buttons to continue to the next stage, go back to the previous stage and to return to this particular project's main overview page. Clicking either the number or the description of the project stages shown below will redirect you to the chosen section.

Project stage  

 Stage description
01    - December 1994: The beginning
02    - October 2012: Move to a different location
03    - November 2012: Floor & sill reconstruction
04    - December 2012: Continued floor reconstruction
05    - January 2013: Floor reinforcement beam
06    - February 2013: Reinforcement beam & rh sill & miscellaneous floor work
07    - March 2013: Right hand A-pillar area reconstruction
08    - April 2013: Continued rh A-pillar reconstruction & rh B-pillar inspection
09    - May 2013: Right hand body near B-Pillar door repair
10    - June 2013: Door repair
11    - October 2013: Right hand side body repair below B-pillar
12    - November 2013: Finishing touches of welding work to right door & sill
13    - May 2014: Hanging and adjustment of right hand door
14    - June 2014: Nose trial fit and welding repair activities
15    - September 2014: Right hand side nose reconstruction & start of left side
I basically never expected this car to be added to my personal fleet however ever since I purchased it I never anticipated it would once disappear from my collection, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Who knows at some point in the (distant) future I may own one once more. It's sad that the car is gone, but at least I can put on my resume that I owned a Giulietta Sprint for several years and executed the vast majority of its body restoration, not everybody can say that.
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