Projects - 1972 Giulia all doors repair

January 2016: All 4 doors of this 1972 Giulia need repairs. Primarily the lower sections, the corners and in some cases the vertical side walls are affected by rust to a certain extent. Since the doors are already disassembled from the vehicle the repair work is a bit easier because access to all problem areas is given. The rust damage is in some cases pretty severe but still salvageable. These doors can't be bought at every corner of the street therefore repairing them is the most viable solution. Lets see what we come across during the repair activities.

Right hand side front door, completely rusted vertical wall near hinges.


Rust affected material removed.


Hand made repair piece trail fit.


Better than new vertical wall completed with absolutely no need for any filler.


Right hand side front door vertical wall repair completed & treated with anti corrosive coating.


Next target area front right hand side door lower area, .... pretty rotten.


Hand made repair piece for lower section, of course with factory original geometry drainage hole.


Lower section welded in position and excess weld material removed to create flush surface.


Treated with anti corrosive coating.


The lower edge of the door as factory original folded geometry. No kit, no filler, fabulous isn't it?


In January some results were achieved however still some work is to be done. My target is definitely to finish within February but that's of course highly depending on the amount of inspiration I can find and how much time is consumed by other things in my life besides repairing Alfa's. The continuation of the work done in January commences.


Right hand side rear door, bottom end hopelessly rotten, complete replacement required.


Corner of rear right hand side door, just like the bottom end no way to save it.


Bottom end completely removed, ensuring straight surface for attachment of repair piece is available.


Hand made repair piece with 2 factory original shape drainage holes.


Right hand side rear door outer door skin covered in anti corrosive coating on lower side.


Corner of right hand rear door in a slightly better shape, completely factory original geometry.


Right hand rear door inside bottom end completed.


Should anyone review this car on a concours later they can't say it's not in the factory shape.


Left hand side front door front end corner, as originally folded.


Left hand side rear door with completely perished rear end lower corner.


Left hand side rear door, the only way to resolve this issue is by cutting away a big section.


Left hand side rear door, sick material removed.


Left hand side rear door newly constructed corner of course with factory original folder geometry.


Left hand side rear door, that looks pretty straight & solid.


Left hand side rear door rear corner 100% cured & treated with anti corrosive coating.


Left hand side rear door rear corner inside restored with eye for detail.


Left rear door repair finished, ready for many years of fun Alfa driving.


As targeted all repairs to the doors are completed within February. That was the intent and gladly was finished accordingly. Somehow the work seems to be piling up and therefore completing a project is a vital part of the work not reaching the level where there is absolutely no free time available anymore. Although this work is relaxing I do need some other forms of entertainment as well. The end result is 4 Giulia doors in factory original geometry which are healthy enough to last another 40 years at least.
Last update: February 20th 2017  

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