Projects - 156 GTA SportWagon 2003 Roof repair

August 2016: Every now an then some unusual diseases pop up. The 156 is well known for its corrosion issues with the floor, but this good looking black metallic coloured 2003 GTA SportWagon has rust issues on the roof!!! So instead of the common floor issues something completely different this time.

Rather unusual rust damage at roof line.


Rust on roof line, after cleaning operation looking a bit better.


Peeling away and cutting rust affected material.


Hand made repair piece clamped into position.


Welded section in roof cleaned up.


Repair completed and treated with anti corrosive coating.


Besides the roof issues there is also some starting rust at the front right hand side wheel arch. Nothing too serious or complicated, however to avoid severe issues in the future this small issues will be tackled as well. The rust affected section will be cut out and replaced with fresh sheet metal material. In addition the trunk has some surface rust issues, these will be dealt with as well. A check of the floor, which is the normal problem area for most 156's shows only one area with superficial corrosion, no need for any replacement. Apparently the floor was repaired by somebody else before.


Wheelarch on right hand front side with starting rust.


Rust affected material cut out.


Newly made small repair section welded in position.

Applied anti corrosive coating, looking healthy again.


After finishing my weld repair activities the car is brought to a painter to repaint the small areas affected by my repairs. Since these areas are clearly visible areas I don't do the painting myself but leave it up to a specialist. Everybody has their specialism and I don't imply that I'm a paint specialist so it's better to leave that up to someone who does this kind of work daily. The repaired sections are small therefore the painting is difficult to do without being visible. On May 11th the car comes back from the painter and the result is stunning. It can't be seen that these small sections were repainted. In the end it's a good looking end result.


Right hand side front wheel arch, repair completely invisible after painting.

Left hand side roof, repair also completely invisible after painting.

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