Projects - 147 1.9 JTD 2005 Sill repair

January 2016: This time a 147 is brought to the hospital with some structural issues. This 1.9 JTD is from 2005 so one wouldn't expect too many issues because the car is only a little over 10 years of age. As always impressions can be overruled by the hard, or in this particular case, crispy facts of reality. The left and right hand sill contain some sections which are completely in decay. Of course those issues can be resolved relatively easily because I'm a surgeon (hahahaha). Sometimes people ask me why I primarily recreate pieces of bodywork by hand instead of buying repair pieces and weld those into position. There are several reasons for that. One is that after market repair sections often have a poor fit, another reason is the fact that for example in this case you would need to purchase a complete 147 sill and then either throw away more than half of it or replace the complete sill, both are not preferable solutions in my opinion. In addition I know the quality of the sheet metal material I use so I guess that for me recreating geometry is the most viable solution in addition to the fact that it's interesting and a challenge to recreate sheet metal geometry. I will start with the left hand side rear sill. The outside already looks terrible so you can be sure that when I start "digging" into it, it will become worse.

Left hand rear sill as the outer surface indicated in need of repair, also in the sill itself.


Inner section of sill cleaned, repaired & treated with anti corrosive coating.


Sheet metal base material for recreation of lh rear sill.


Recreated right rear sill.


Of course original details like the drainage hole are recreated as well.


Left hand rear sill completely repaired with flush connection to the rest of the body.


The left hand side was completed in one day, lets see whether the right sill will go just as fast. During the investigation of the base material I unfortunately come across a condition which is a bit worse than the one on the left side was. However no need to worrie, I'm sure when I'm done with this sill it will be far more durable that the original sill which lasted a little over ten years.


Right hand rear sill clearly in need of some attention.


Whoops!!!! Even worse than anticipated after a little "poking" around.


Inner section of rear right hand inner sill after thorough cleaning & treatment with coating.


Sheet metal base material for recreation of right hand rear sill.

Some fuel leakage near the fuel pump.


Right hand rear sill welded into position, as always with completely flush surface to the rest of the body.

Right hand rear sill looking completely healthy again.


Another healthy patient which can be released from the hospital. The operation lasted only two days. This was a nice and short project with very clearly visible end result. Every now and then such a short and satisfactory project is a good and welcome change from the sometimes long and extensive projects that also pass my hands.
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